• Roof
  • Exterior walls
  • Foundation
  • Attic
  • Insulation

Our complete home inspection includes a computerized report with color pictures!

Your inspector will take photos and comment upon many secondary items such as grading and drainage, windows and doors, walkways and driveways, patios, decks, porches, etc.

Do you recommend repair contractors?
No. In order to be objective, we have no interest other than you.
How Long is an inspection?
The average inspection takes 2 to 2.5 hours.

  • Basements or crawl spaces
  • Structural concerns
  • Central air conditioning system
  • Heating system
  • Cost estimates (upon request)
  • Public or private water
  • Public or private sewer
  • Roof: flat or peaked
  • Price of property
  • Exterior: stone, brick, stucco or siding
  • Listing agent's name/number

A home inspection is a visual examination of the major mechanical components of a home.

When you walk away from your inspection, you have the information necessary to make an informed decision in purchasing a home.

Do I need to be there?
We encourage you to be present at the inspection so we can answer any questions you might have. We also point out the items addressed in the report. Learning about your house occurs best when you can see and hear first hand and even take notes.

When do I schedule an inspection?

When you have a written agreement to purchase the property and it has been finalized. Keep in mind any deadlines that you have to meet when scheduling.

What information should I have before scheduling an inspection?
Before you call, find out any deadlines required to be met in your purchase agreement contract. Knowing the following avoids delays in scheduling:

  • Property address
  • Realtor information
  • Style of home
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Age of property
  • Whether occupied or vacant
  • Utilities: on or off

Can I arrangeother typesofinspections?

To support your house purchase you may request additional inspections such as Radon, Termite and Water evaluations and more.  Our third party inspectors are trained, licensed and certified as required. They provide "objective" evaluations because they have no vested interest in generating additional revenue.

  • Wall, ceilings and floors
  • Built-in kitchen appliances
  • Electrical system
  • Interior plumbing system

Are repair recommendations and cost estimates included?
Often, there are multiple methods to repair a condition. We state the problem and it is up to the contractor to make the appropriate repair. Click here to see a report that contains cost estimates. Cost estimates for major items are supplied if requested.

What Is The Cost of an inspection?
Average Inspection Cost: $295 to $450 depending on the size and age of the house.

The slides show the types of issues we highlight in your instant report with a photograph and a description of the problem.

610-565-4181: Office Phone

800-747-6549: Toll Free

610-565-4764: Fax

What do I get at the inspection?

Within 24-36 hours of the inspection you will receive a computerized Report. This easy to read report with full color pictures notes the condition of the property with recommendations for work needed now and maintenance suggestions for the future. If you need the report instantly, we can print it on-site for an additional surcharge but it must be requested at the time of scheduling your appointment. Ask our customer service representatives when scheduling.


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